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The Sky Crawler

The Sky Crawlers

“Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air”




Oh, wait, that’s wrong. It should be like this:

“In a country that similar to ours, there are children who do not become adult”

First time I notice about this movie was in the first day of AFA08. Looking from the trailer, in my thought that time was “Whoa, nice one, gotta watch this one”. You can watch the trailer via YouTube.

The point of interest that makes me feel that this movie is a must watch, is the very detailed 3D Graphics that were used in this movie, not to mention this movie is telling a story about war that focused on the aircraft warfare; which is my favorite things since I watched Top Gun many years ago.

Good Ol Movie

Good Ol' Movie

Long story short, I buy the ticket in Plaza Singapure Golden Village and watch it around 7pm. Going in to the theater, I see there’s roughly only about 15-18 peoples watching this movie, which is good since now I can strecth my leg on the empty seats. πŸ˜›

And the review starts from this point.

Oh, and don’t be scared about spoilers, I never gives any spoiler in any of my movie reviews. πŸ™‚

Chapter 1: Scene Analysis

The intro was simply awesome, the movie starts with a dog fight between 3-4 aircrafts fighting 1 superior enemy that holding the law of hey-I’m-good-you-cannot-hit-me. The animation at that point was wonderful, it’s very detail even the shadow of aircraft that reflecting on other aircraft body is made like real one. Not to mention, there’s a stunt that makes me feels like shouting WOHOOO at the intro. That is when the pilot of the aircraft busted out from his aircraft and starts to open his parachute bag, the enemy shoot him directly to his body; which is I think that moves is ignoring the Law’s of War that I know. But who cares, it’s a movie anyway.

After the heated intro battle, comes the title of the movie and then move to the aircraft base of the main character. From this point, It’s all about the introduction of the characters and some other things. Some of people may get bored from this point because, yes; it is boring. The scene was like so normal and no interesting things has been spotted from that point. Until the dog fight scene comes again and save me from yawning.

Again, the 3D animation in this movie is the main interest for me, also the sound effect of aircraft engine and bullets firing makes thing even more heated up. The aerial moves was a so-so, but that’s good because we’re not even reaching the half of this movie yet. 2 aircraft banish 3 bandits from their air territorial and then go back to their base safe and sound, without any damage at all. Then, the boring scene start again. *sigh* 😦

The climax reach when the country of the main characters start to announcing a big attack to their enemy country. I see something colossal there, a bunch of aircraft escorting around 5 big bomber plane and the enemy intercept them. Yes, the dog-fight in this scene was really impressive, I feel like I’m watching a real human with their aircraft doing some good aerial stunts. What I mean is there’s no abnormal moves that can only be done by an animated characters, so the feel was so real to me.

After that, the boring scene comes (again) and some of the explanation scene likes “What is Kildren“, “How Kildren was born”, etc. was showed. But, even after some explanation scenes like that, there is still so much information that is not given to the audiences. I don’t know why, but well, let saves that for later part.

Chapter 2: Rate this movie

Graphics: 7/10

As I mention earlier, the 3D animation was so simply wonderful, very well detailed and the movement was very smooth. But why I give a rather low scores? Unfortunately, I’m not amused with the 2D animation that were used.

The movement of the 2D animation are not interesting, in fact; anime TV shows animation are better than this one. The only things that good in this 2D animation is the near-perfect lip synch between the CV and the animation character itself. Because of this not-so-interesting 2D animation, I cannot give a high score for the graphics of this movie.

And if you think the low scores is because the not-moe character design, wrong, I’m talking about the animation here. πŸ˜•

Storyline: 5/10

The storyline have a very bias point. I mean, I even didn’t know until now the answer of “Why Kildren exist” and “Why the war started” and other things that I think it’s really important to be explained. The storyline itself was rather boring, because it’s focus in the daily life of the main character without any interesting part at all; except when the movie almost reach the end.

I’ve yawned about 3 times when I watched this movie, and that 3 times yawning is a conclusion for me that tells me: the movie was rather boring.

Sounds: 8/10

I give a high score for this one, rejoice! πŸ˜€ The sound effect in this movie was really good, it makes you feel that you are watching it in a real situation and exactly near the place that shown in the movie. Not to mention, the opening music and some insert music for this movie are quite good and fit perfectly with the movie’s theme.

Besides the sound effect and the music, the CV are also giving their best at playing their role. Their voices really resembles each of their character and also the emotion from their voices really reach the character’s emotion too. Bravo!

Overall: 6.5/10

This movie, we can call it a so-so movie. It’s not good, but not bad either.

For those who really appreciate a 3D graphics in a film and also an audiophile audience, better watch it because this movie is good at that part.

For those who like a good storyline, better save your money and use it to watch another movie, because the storyline was a so-so.

Chapter 3: Questions and Answers

Q: Why do you watch this movie in Golden Village? Why not choosing other place like Cathay or somewhere else?
A: Well, the prob is, this movie is exclusive for Golden Village.

Q: What makes you interested for watching this movie?
A: First is the 3D graphics, and then the aircraft theme, last I saw a text written on its banner says “From the creator of Ghost In The Shell”. Yes, the last part is the one that makes me feel interested to watch this movie in cinema, otherwise I’ll just simply waiting for my friend to get this movie and do the copy-paste thing. πŸ˜›

Q: Do you watch this movie by yourself?
A: Yes, I’m so ronery. *sigh*

Q: Any interesting part that you’ve found?
A: Well, yes. Some part of this movie using an english language, but some of the word are spoken incorrectly and that makes some of the audiences laughing. Like when someone ask the main character “How are you?”, then he reply with “Grand”. Funny enough for making you smile.

Q: Any words for us that probably go to watch this movie?
A: When the credits scene rolled, try to hold still and do not go first. Because after the credits scene, there is still a part of movie that will shown about the main character existence.

Q: Is that a really important scene?
A: Well, not so important, but better watch it because you’ve spent 8.5 bucks to watch this movie. πŸ˜›

Chapter 4: Conclusion

Are you done yet?




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  1. Expect a bad grammar storm when reading this entry, people. πŸ˜†

  2. Like when someone ask the main character β€œHow are you?”, then he reply with β€œGrand”.

    The story’s set in Europe. Hence, such a reply’s perfectly normal. Also, it’s much better than our “Very good lor”.

  3. @double
    Aha, so that’s why he use “Grand” as a reply. Because I think they have a good pronunciation when talking in English, so when he reply with word-that-I-think-is-not-fitting, it’s kinda weird. πŸ˜•
    But hey, thanks for the info. πŸ˜€

  4. can’t wait for the DVD release and the game for wii.
    the game is created by project aces (yes, they the one that made ace combat series)

  5. Actually I have a high expectation for this movie since I know about it and saw the trailers from months ago… But after watching it, It was not that satisfying but yeah it was great… xD Well yeah I too have the same opinion about the lack of storytelling and the confusion… xD But overall it was a good watch…

    Btw when did you watch this?? I watched this together with Fariz, Yukito and Jon last Wednesday… xD You should have come together with us… ^^;;

  6. @reggie21
    I’ve seen the trailer, but Ace Combat 6 for X360 more tempting for me, so I think I’ll buy X360 instead Wii. πŸ™‚
    I watch this movie last Thursday, Wednesday I have an appointment with some of my friends to play MBAA at Bugis Virtualand. :mrgreen:

  7. AC6 is sux IMO
    only 30 fps, and only 15 missions (if i’m not mistaken), haven’t tried sky crawlers though (still waiting for it)

  8. so the movie was “top gan” LOL

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